About us


22 years ago, our owner and founder Jean Phillis had a dream. She wanted to allow every child to be able to express themselves fully and stay active and healthy. Taking the plunge, she began her own company - Magical Marking.

At first, Magical Marking began to design and install playground markings using spray paint, then Jean discovered a new product that revolutionised playgrounds: Thermoplastic. Thermoplastic allows playgrounds to become spaces of vibrant colour with the added bonus of being tough and durable. Thermoplastic is now widely used across the playground marking industry.

Over the course of 20 years Jean has driven Magical into the company we see today.

Magical is the original - and still the best - playground markings company. We offer floor graphics from footprints to full size pitches and ancillary items from counters and balls to wickets and nets.

All you need from one Magical source...


Markings conform to, or can be adapted to, social distancing guidelines


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